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Investment Highlights


Net Asset Value

IFRS Net Asset Value, an increase of £8.1m or 4.6% (versus Net Asset Value
immediately following Admission)


Net Asset Value per Share

IFRS Net Asset Value per share, an increase of 9.9p or 10% (versus Net Asset Value per share immediately following Admission)


Valuation Uplift

Increase above purchase price in fair value of investment property to 30 June 2019


Value of Investment Property

Fair Value of investment property at
30 June 2019 (excluding adjustment
for finance lease asset), plus committed properties with purchase contracts exchanged


Units Acquired

2,674 units acquired or agreed, spread
across the UK as at 30 June 2019


Total Shareholder Return

Total return to shareholders since Admission to 30 June 2019 through increase in Net Asset Value and dividends


Annualised Net Rental Income

Net rental income after ground rent
expense to 30 June 2019, annualised for a full calendar year for all acquisitions completed before 30 June 2019


Annualised Net Yield

Annualised net rental income divided by capital deployed to income-producing assets


Market Cap

Market Cap of equity at 30 June 2019


Debt Raised

Including drawn and undrawn facilities


GAV Leverage Ratio

Ratio of total debt drawn against Gross Asset Value (excluding adjustment for finance lease asset)

Over 80 %

Of units located in Southern England

Percentage of the total portfolio located in Southern England, defined as the South East, South West, East Anglia and Greater London

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