Net asset value announcement

The Company is pleased to announce that its unaudited net asset value (“Net Asset Value” or “NAV”) per ordinary share was 99.4 pence as at 31st March 2018, reflecting an independent valuation of the property portfolio prepared on a IFRS basis.

The movement in NAV since admission of the ordinary shares on 12th July 2017 is as follows:

The NAV total return (movement in NAV plus dividends paid) over the period was 2.20%.

The NAV has been calculated in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards and incorporates the independent valuation on a “sum of the parts” basis, in accordance with, and required by, international accounting standards. The NAV does not include a provision for the second interim dividend, due to be paid on or around 11 June 2018.

Further detail will be provided in the interim results, which will be published before the end of June 2018.


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